Sample Essay

Currently the methodology is widely preferred by the UK government in construction, healthcare and various other government projects. Since these are government projects they usually have a large scope and long drawn out timeliness, involving a large number of resources, monetary and non-monetary. This in itself reflects volumes about the success of PRINCE2 in project management methodologies if implemented according to design. (John McManus & Trevor Wood-Harper, 2009 pp. 231-238)

Similarly projects in the private sector for construction or IT etc… may also be on a large scale and require similar dynamics as for government run projects. Over here as well, Project managers would benefit from using the standardization techniques adopted in PRINCE2 to minimize project risks and result in more effective monitoring and communication techniques.

Supporters of PRINCE2 would go even further to say that PRINCE2 can be deployed for small scale project as well. They would cite the examples of tailoring techniques available and would say that PRINCE2 helps in defining the whole structure for the project.

Also as mentioned above PRINCE2, can help the project manager save a lot of precious project resources, in the form of time and money, by laying out the entire process for the project manager to follow in advance. This helps in improving project efficiency and minimizing mistakes at the project management level.

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