Sample Essay

The project at any company has to be managed in a progressive and effective manner. The main four stages of a project pertain to proposal and initiation, design and appraisal, execution and control and ultimately the finalization and closeout. The RPA should manage the project through these stages using the successful project management strategies. Before undertaking the project the RPA should be clear about the possible ways it can be managed and organized, the human resource that  would be employed in it, identify the stakeholders of the project and determine how the project would ultimately effect the society.

The essential elements of project management that need to be undertaken in order to ensure the success of the project include planning, organizing, risk identification, stakeholder identification and the management & control. A proper mission statement and a vision has to be set up for the project by RPA as it best managed as a small organization on its own. Strategic long term and short term objectives have to be defined for clear perspective on the final results of the project. At the planning stage the RPA should determine what tasks would be included in the project and the schedule for all the activities, usually is best done through a WBS.

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