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We are managing this new project that is Marketing a new computer and this has been broken down into certain activities, in order to maintain efficient management of the project. The project will include particular considerations like time, activities, WBS, CPA, etc.


The first activity in marketing a new computer is advertising which will take 10 weeks, because in advertising you design the whole structure again. Second being complete electrical design which will again take 10 weeks because there is this whole process of engineering that takes time. Then we develop the marketing plan because without a good marketing plan there will be no market share. After developing a good marketing plan we analyze the current available model judging the pros and cons of the product.

Being the project manager the main purpose is to design a project in such a manner that all the activities are divided and while one task is being done the order should not remain in queue. So, we start by completing the detailed drawings which will be therefore supported by preparing a prototype. Obviously, if we have all the required information we can easily make a model. While designing the software we should be able to produce technical manuals so that when the software is ready, it is ready for the implementation. After the internal technicalities we would be designing the hardware while the computer is being manufactured, complete electrical design is being made to save another 10 weeks. Once the computer is tested and all the parts are ready we develop a marketing plan in which we’ll take care of when and how the computer should be launched in the market. The sales staff should be given the best training in the world so that when they actually go out to please the customer they are clear with all the queries customers have. This will help in building the customer’s trust. Last but not the least it’ll take another 10 weeks to advertise the computer in which we take care of each and everything through thick and thin.

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