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Project meeting its Characteristics and Consideration of Project rather then it being day to day work:

The plan/project of launching the magazine called 4Home met various criteria’s and definitions in order to become a project, one of its own kinds. The project started off with a research on local Emirati residents of UAE and researching on their habits of decorating their respective residence. After a detailed and thorough research it was concluded that there is enough potential for a household furnishing magazine to become popular and successful because of massive interest taken by the housewives in frequently decorating their houses according to the latest trends. The research conducted for the venture highlighted the fact that it was carried out for a project and yet not for day to day purpose.

Once the concept was finalized and endorsed by the company executives that the plan remains potential to be implemented, proper communication with brands were commenced to educate them regarding the new publication named as 4Home and how they could be benefited with such publication. With various brands across UAE and Gulf coming along to be part of the magazine, the publication went into final stages of getting printed and being distributed by the pioneer distribution channel of the nation i.e. Al Bayan Group. All these processes mentioned from the beginning to the end clearly mentions that all such steps were related to a project and were not only day to day tasks.

The organizational structure has been of Horizontal style with a Project Leader on top and under which different individuals work on various tasks. Project leader delegates various tasks to the subordinates working under him such as maintaining database of the clients, communicating with the prospective and existing clients, marketing the publication online as well as in the market, market planning of the publication for next coming months and budgeting etc. All the subordinates report to the project manager who later on reports to the directors and investors about the progress made by the entire team.

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