Sample Essay

Although the entire Project of Burj Khalifa was finished in the span of 6 years and the skyscraper was formally inaugurated in January 2010, but it is important to keep in mind that the concept of people management played a vital role in the completion of the project on time as it was projected.

Keeping aside the reports of the ill treatment of the labor force and delayed payment of their rightful wages, the other aspect of managing the workforce was totally managed efficiently by the contractors and their management. It was truly a tough job to manage 12,000 workers on site and ensuring that whatever work they were assigned was carried out on time without delays and any other flaws.

Therefore, if the project success is observed and analyzed through a thorough look then the concept of people management should never be ignored as due to proper management of all the workforce the project was successfully directed towards completion within the span of 6 years. If the people management concept is not applied in proper manner in projects like Burj Khalifa then it is clearly possible then such massive projects are never completed on time with more and more delays become inevitable.

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