Sample Essay

The poem has described to us a perfect hero. He was physically powerful, an exceptional combatant and very faithful to all who came into his incidence. The poem presents to us a vast number of examples of his great bravery and his ferocious strength. As can be seen in the poem, Beowulf took on monsters and killed them as well. He believed that whenever he went for a battle, the fight should be fair and no warrior should be given superior powers.
He could take up on anyone and overpower them because he had great skills as well as warrior talent and he did not fear anyone at all. At the time when he was fighting Grendel, a fiend who had been horrifying a rural community in the story, Beowulf brawls unarmed. This accomplishment took immense bravery and dexterous fighting. Beowulf took up on a vast number of great battles. But, finally in the last battle that he fought he got incurably injured, but he prevailed the battle before he passed away. This is what can be portrayed as the best example of the descend of a great hero.
Also, Beowulf was an exceptionally trustworthy hero. He showed evenhandedness to everyone that he came athwart, together with his enemies. He believed in the equality of everyone and did not believe that one could be superior or better as compared to the others. At the time when he was engaged in battle, Beowulf showed immense allegiance to his adversary by combating one-on-one. Nobody in the battle ever had the ascendancy. This is the most important feature in Beowulf’s prominence. He is also considered as a hero considering the fact that he got rid of Grendel and blocked him from killing any more of Hrothgar’s men. This proved his immense allegiance to Hrothgar and his populace.

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