The paper shows that the research was conducted nicely but it also produced some unsolicited results such as conveying of unintended messages which is also the weakness of this study. I would have done this study in the same manner but the points that would have been given more consideration by me would be the understandability of the general public. Ultimately, the main purpose of the research to get a message conveyed to the public therefore the most important part is whether the members of public understand the message or not.

I would use the same resources to promote this health awareness in my community but my strategy would not be to facilitate the media personnel only. The targeted audience would include the social service agencies, government agencies and the members of public who consider the product to be secure. I would consider the attributes of the audience for the message and I would convey the message accordingly. The creative techniques used by me would be acquiring real time response regarding the product from the public through simple questionnaires.
The authors reached the conclusions that media advocacy can play a significant role in creating awareness regarding health researches. The authors present that message framing, narratives and visual imagery are all important in persuading journalists and media outlets to carry stories about poverty as a health determinant. It was suggested by the authors that health researchers and media relations specialists should work together so that the findings of the health research are gotten through to the general public through media so that the public becomes aware regarding health issues.

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