Sample Essay

Comment on the effectiveness of their promotional strategy in helping Levi Strauss & Co.  to meet their marketing objectives for their products.

While advertising the Anti Fit product Levis had to make it a point that its message was not just clear and well received by the intended audience but it was set across in the desired manner. Marketing Gurus like Evans , Moutinho and Van Raaji are of the view that the more one understands of the perceptual process in general and the concerned target market, the greater are the chances of ensuring that the receivers of the message will decode and decipher in the intended manner only.

The whole concept of branding can have different kind of important effects on the way consumer thinks of product characteristics and attributes. Studies have demonstrated that customers more often than not are unable to tell the basic differences between various brands but labels and their associations has definitely impacted their evaluations. This shows that customer’s imagination of his products can be derived from the marketing effort alone; wherein brand images and brand labels has impacted different modes of evaluations. This demonstrates that a customer’s way of thinking for a productive can be derived from the marketing effort alone as well. Brand image and Brand differentiation could be the sole guide of the customer to perceive and achieve unparalleled satisfaction. This is of particularly high value to the brands that are more often than not associated with the stylized market such as the jeans market. Ergo pursuing and moving ahead with the right marketing campaign holds a lot of appeal to the target audience and is comparatively more differentiated. When shopping an buying, jeans, consumers are normally more likely to buy a brand product, he deems fit  than going ahead and adopting the brand image that he is not aware of. Hence Brand awareness is an important prerequisite to this kind of purchase.

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