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The protagonist of the poem under consideration is Belinda. All the way through the poem, the poet compares frivolous matters with proceedings and matters or outcomes and the most inconsequential is given the most importance. The poem has mocked at the social conventions that women in particular faced back in those days. It can also be said that Pope has tried to tell us of the oppression that women faced by infringement of their privacy even by the hands of men.
It was a time when a woman, her status and appearance was all that mattered. The most basic pressure that the protagonist that is Belinda faced was to look her very best. For this the author has put forward some very interesting lines which explain Belinda’s appearance as well as the world that she lives in. Here, even the smallest details have been explained such as the way Belinda’s hair are arranged because of certain entities that are called Sylphs and only serve the purpose of making Belinda look her best. The society in which Belinda lives is extremely judgmental when it comes to the appearance of a woman. Back in the days, the only role that was to be played by the women was to appear beautiful so as to gain the attention of a wealthy man in order to get married and then her family would gain the financial profit from the marriage. The poet describes that no matter what a woman would be going through she has to look her best. Just like Belinda, and in the words of the poet,
“Now awful Beauty puts on all its arms;
The fair each moment rises in her harms, Repairs her smiles, awakens ev’ry grace, And calls forth all the wonders of her face;

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