Sample Essay


Dell Corp. is an American computer hardware company. The basic working of the company depends on creating, manufacturing, selling as well as supporting “personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, personal digital assistants (PDAs), software, televisions, computer peripherals and other technology-related products” (Dell, 2007). In the year 2006, Fortune magazine rated Dell as the 25th largest company in the Fortune 500 list and 8th on its yearly Top 20 list. HP or Hewlett Packard on the other hand is an information technology organization as well and is very popularly known through out the world for its high quality printers, computers as well as servers. HP Labs which are also known as HP Laboratories are the chief arms of HP. The labs were first established in 1966, so as to invent and deliver latest technology gadgets which would bring about better business opprtunities that would take HP further then where it stands in the current times. Somehow both the companies deal with things of the same kind. Both of them have a global presence and are preferred by people across the world over other companies.

Recently, Dell has acquired some of the market share that was previously ruled over by HP. Although HP still holds a strong position in the market, Dell has gained some of its position. It is said that, “Dell worldwide market share in the second quarter is down to 15 percent from 17.8 percent a year earlier. Shipments are down 5.5 percent. The winner was Hewlett-Packard with 18.2 percent share, up from 14.9 percent. Shipments were up 36.6 percent, more, on a percentage basis, than any one else except Acer, which was up 54.2 percent” (Darlin, 2007). These statistics show that Dell has managed to take up a certain bit of HP’s market share. Although the stats are not as bad, but it shows that HP certainly has some competition.

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