The following sections give solutions to queries based on two case studies in the book ‘Psychological aspects of healthcare’ by Meredith E. Drench et al. (2006). The first case is about a deadly inferno survivor named Cynthia Osbourne.  The case describes some of the losses she suffered including the death of her fiancé, physical pain and loss of natural tissues because of burning.

Additionally, she spent many months in the hospital recuperating, meaning that she lost her income. After recuperating, she lost mobility in her legs, taking months of painful therapy for her to walk again. Finally, Cynthia lost her peace of mind due to flashbacks of that horrible day.

External losses she suffered are those things that she lost that were outside her body. For example, her fiancé, her skin and loss of income. Her inability to see her children and loss of mobility in her legs were also external losses. On the other hand, internal losses are those that occurred inside her. These include the pain she went through while thinking of how her fiancé died and the nightmares because of the flashbacks that have led to her losing her peace of mind.

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