Sample Essay

A public relations plan outlines all the activities that a company plans on doing in order to fulfill a preset objective. It elaborates on the every aspect of the key elements associated with carrying out the tasks. A public relations plan defines the plan in accordance with the target audience; it chooses the media that is to be used and describes what programs would be taking place in order to either improve the branding and image of the organization or focus on a specific service initiate or a community event. An outline for the public relations plan laid out for Exxon to rejuvenate its reputation and image after the incident would be as follows:

The major market share than Exxon holds is lost and it is now the third biggest oil company in the world. The reputation of the company is tarnished due to its careless attitude towards the incident of the oil spill and the slow process of containing it has caused the public to be furious. The people that depended upon thePrinceWilliamsSoundfor their bread earning such as fishermen have now been unemployed due to the loss of inhabitant in the area. The company needs to rehabilitate its image and come up as a more socially responsible and environmentally concerned organization.

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