Sample Essay

Purchasing alcohol is very easy in Germany, as it can be attained from general marts, gas stations as well as newspaper stands. It is allowed to drink alcohol almost everywhere, inclusive of hotels, cafes, and it is not uncommon to find people drinking in parks as well as on public transport. Drinking in public places is said to be something that has started about five years or so ago.

      The worst situation is that more and more young people have started drinking and the fact that it is acceptable is a bit disturbing. The price of alcohol with comparison to the price of living is said to be the lowest in Germany from across Europe. Alcohol is just too cheap. A tax was induced on the purchase of alcopops, which somehow declined their sales. As is said, people need to be told just how harmful the consumption of alcohol really is. This is the best way to stop people from taking up large amounts of alcohol and reduce alcohol abuse at the same time, which in return would cut down on alcohol related issues throughout the country.


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that alcohol consumption has a number of hazardous reactions. But still, the consumption of alcohol in Germany is the highest as compared to the rest of the world particularly within the European nations. This problem needs to be dealt with as it can kill millions of people.


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