Sample Essay

It has also taught me that defeat is never the end of one’s journey and that one should keep his head up high and aspire to improve rather than sulk in despair of defeat.  Golf has also taught me a valuable lesson.  Choosing not to play golf from my third grade up to my high school years, I found it overly difficult in playing at par with my father after years of deserting the sport.  However, after endless days of practice, soon I regained my old form and confidence, I participated in many tournaments.  Truly, in golf, you should never be discouraged by the mistakes you make on the first hole, and instead struggle to improve and not to repeat the same mistakes again on the next hole, much like what life is all about.

            University of Michigan can offer me the opportunity of pursuing my dreams in the United States. I believe it is the most appropriate place to make this into a reality, where I can begin the fulfillment of my life’s dreams. I aspire for the day when I am finally able to make a noteworthy contribution in the field of Industrial Engineering.  I know that it is reachable, especially with the high standards of education that the university has been known to offer consistently throughout itsLife indeed has not only taught me how to persevere for my dreams to be realized, but also to be humble enough in accepting that a person has always a room for further improvement.  Under your guidance, I know for sure that I shall attain my goals. (470 Words)

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