What business principles and values seem to be guiding the way QRR operates and conducts its business?


QRR uses technology to improve and streamline both internal and external functions and they are thoroughly modern and efficient, especially in the area of information technology.

4. Is it fair to characterize QRR as an “operational and ethical shipwreck?” why and why not?


On going through Mr Spencer Benjamin’s mail to the management of QRR, I quite agree to the fact that QRR is to be characterized as an “operational and ethical shipwreck” due to their inefficiency and incompetence in meeting the customers satisfaction and demand. For a big resort centre with all modern and natural facilities, it is suppose to be in a position of offering the customers with good and adequate satisfaction.

However, a good and big resort company like QRR should understand sound ethic is good business and “that they are to live up to an absolute moral standard rather than to the moral standard of their peer group”

My results suggest an explanation for the resort company’s failure, in the sense that, despite its value and beauty, ethical and operational conduct apparently is not necessarily rewarded.

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