Sample Essay

Research Design

The study will take the phenomenology qualitative design strategy. The research settled for this approach since the strategy involves the study of experience from the viewpoint of the individual. In addition, it tries to find out and seek an insight into some of the assumptions that are taken, in most cases, for granted. In terms of epistemology, this approach has its roots in individual subjectivity and knowledge, and stresses on the important role that personal interpretation and perspective plays (Gall, M., Gall, J. & Borg, 2000). The research seeks to understand the research subjects’ as they see the effects of training on the acquisition of management skills.


Purposive sampling method will be employed in selecting the organizations where the managers and directors who will participate in the study will come from. This implies that organizations shall either be classified as public, private, large, small, and medium. Sample representatives shall then be drawn randomly. For the study, 30 managers and directors will be selected from the population.

Data Collection Methods

The main instruments that will be used for data gathering are field observations, interviews, and document reviews. Both close-ended and open-ended questions will be used for the questionnaires and interviews. Other options available for collecting data include oral histories or specimen records. However, the research will use field observation, document reviews, and interviews since they are relevant to the study, they are a relatively fast means of obtaining large information, and the response rate is generally good. Moreover, many studies on similar subject have employed these data collection methods.

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