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The Baderman Island Resort case study highlights the importance of process quality improvement as a subset of Total Quality Management. It has been established in the case that Baderman Resort is facing problems in standardizing its services. The variation in the case results from the lack of establishing a minimum quantity standard. In the absence of a standard it is hard to judge quality, since, there is no standard to compare it with. The case study illuminates the importance of being proactive rather than being reactive, in order to manage quality effectively.

The Baderman Island Resort seems to have been functioning without establishing minimum standards in its key determinants of quality. The two key determinants that  I have identified are ‘customer service’ and ‘food quality’. All other factors in interrelated to these two major determinants of quality of service at Baderman Island Resort. Since the resort understands the importance of maintaining quality customer service in services industry it has undertaken a process quality study of its own resort.

Baderman Island resort has been complained about two major aspects of shortfalls in quality; i.e. shortage of seafood and customer service. Customer focus lies at the heart of total quality management, and it is disturbing to see that customer service is suffering at Baderman Island resort.  Total quality management entails that specific systems or processes should be included within the business processes that ensure quality for the end customer. In the services industry maintaining quality is even more of a concern compared to other industries.

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