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Executive Summary

Effective Quality Management and adoption of such useful practices has been one of the most important issues that have been discussed in service and manufacturing sector for years and policies have been initiated and implemented to make sure such practices are well adopted in over all the projects and activities that take place (Richard, 2008).

Quality management has always been given ample importance because if the standards are not maintained then the output or the results of any activity will leave adverse effects on various people that are directly or indirectly associated to that activity. No matter its manufacturing or service sector, quality control departments are designed and put into practice to make sure quality management standards are met successfully (Ryan, 2009).

For instance, if a company is engaged into manufacturing of automobiles so that company has to set certain standards for its production and manufacturing teams to produce/manufacture the automobile on certain quality level so that there are no chances of receiving complaints from the clients. So the role of the Quality management practice is to ensure that Quality is maintained overall. Similarly, in service sector, the company providing services must make sure that the level of services offered to the clients is up to the level so that in future clients remain loyal to the company in taking their services instead of switching to other companies. Companies like Visa & American express have been providing best possible services to their clients that are always monitored by Quality control and management department to make sure Quality standards are met on regular basis (Martin, 2009).

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