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India has a thousand ethnic groups, castes, and religions. The interaction between the castes is restricted. Those belonging to the upper level in the hierarchy do not like to mingle with those belonging to the lower level. Those Indians who are very conscious and more superstitious do not even like the shadows of the untouchables to fall on them. Though these beliefs are changing, some families still have rigid attitudes regarding this. People from different religions living in India face many hardships. In the present scenario of the world, interacting with a Muslim is considered a sin. This is evident from an incident. A man and a woman were forced out of a public bus, attacked and assaulted merely because one was a Hindu and the other a Muslim and had exchanged a few polite words with each other. Such an attitude has forced people from other religions, living in India to either hide their religions and act as Hindus, or remain in their shells, not expecting any kind of favors from the dominant group. It is not only religious issues that prevail in India, it is also racial issues.

The harassment of the famous actress Shilpa Shetty by a co actor is an example. If such a world renowned figure is not safe from racial discrimination, then how can others be? One of the major issues that prevails in the Indian culture is the color of the skin. The attitude a person receives from others depends largely on the color of his/her skin. More favors and attention is bestowed upon the fairer than the darker.

All the above cultural aspects remain in India despite the fact that they are trying to adopt the western ways i.e. majority of the nation is trying to do that. The Indian culture at the moment is standing in the mid point of the west and east. Acculturation would be a make them fully adopt the western culture, if they think its better, rather than having to struggle with fulfilling the requirements of both cultures that are poles apart. However, if the more prejudiced Indians decide to resist this acculturation then in my opinion that would become a violent effort since those who have tried to adopt western ways would not be willing to turn back from it. It is for the Indians to decide and us to see what the future holds.

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