Sample Essay

     Like a number of other small Southern towns, Oxfordhad scarcely been touched by the civil rights movement. But in the rouse of the assassination, young African Americans took to the streets. While lawyers skirmished in the courthouse, the Klan raged in the shadows and black Vietnamveterans set on fire the town’s tobacco warehouses. Tyson’s father, the member of the clergy of Oxford’s all-white Methodist church, advised the town to come to terms with its bloody racial history. In the end, on the other hand, the Tyson family was enforced to move away. Through this book, the author puts forward a narrative of the story and its effects on him with discussion of the racial history of the United States, focusing on the persistence of discrimination inspite of federal law and on the violent practicalities of that history on both sides of the blacks as well as the whites. Through the book the author has challenged the famous memory of the movement as a nonviolent call on America’s conscience

      Tim Tyson’s fascinating narrative of that sweltering summer brings granular blues truth, elevated gospel apparition, and down-home hilarity to a scandalous episode of our history. Like To Kill a Mockingbird, Blood Done Sign My Name is a classic representation of a memorable time and place


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that in the book namely Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story by Timothy B. Tyson, the author has presented the fact that racial discrimination still exists in theUnited States of America. It begins by presenting to us the horrible scene of a murder and then delves into reminding us that this incident happened at a time when civil rights were authorized, which shows that racial discrimination exists inAmerica.

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