One may classify human beings into the different races depending on the color of their skin. Their skin color then determines the color of their hair and its consequent quality and the nature and color of their eyes. The differences that we exhibit ensure that we feel more comfortable with those who are like us, and tend to shun those who are different from us. Thus, those who are like us are the ‘in-group’ and those who are different from us are the ‘out-group’ (Blumer, 1958).

Ringer (2004) states that in our daily interaction, we consciously and unconsciously place the people we encounter into different groups that will determine our later interaction. This is despite the fact that we may not know anything about them. Thus, one may conclude that African Americans are into crime and are not as bright as their white counterparts are. This fact is however not necessarily true, but many people believe it to be true.

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