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Themes like racism and class prejudices were also rampant during the same period of time. Census records that over fifty percent of all colored people were living below poverty line during the 1950s. Expatriate workers functioned in an almost slave-like way with unyielding working conditions and hence people of color were disbanded from ambition, success, amassment and influence, which were in fact integral characteristics of the American Dream. During the same year, a visionary called Rosa Parks rebelled against the system and brought things under the government’s consideration which put the status of the transportation system in limbo. “With the help of projects such as the Common Ground, African American and Nisei leaders worked with their respective communities to promote interracial education and forum for cross-cultural interaction.”  (Kurashige 158) Parks laid the foundation stone for a tolerant and path-breaking society during the 1950s and made the Americans realize that color alone cannot be an object for differentiation. Color is something that cannot be chosen and it cannot change a person’s aspirations or his strength in achieving goals.
Mura and Pate compose in their semi-autobiography about how they chose to eliminate differences and disregard the racist movement by discovering how cultures and communities defined ‘identity’.  (Mura & Pate 3) The fifties were an era when people were busy picking up remnants of the Second World War. The soldiers who returned, charred by memories of destruction and anarchy, came back to sort out their torn lives and rebuild on newer pastures. The Americans quipped themselves with rigor and unparalleled strength to enhance their industry and within a matter of years, the effort showed great promise and a host of career opportunities for everyone.
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