Sample Essay

In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that belly dancing is the most popular as well as the oldest form of art that has been brought forward to us by the culture ofMiddle Eastas well asNorth Africa. In Arabic this dance is referred to as

“Raqs Sharqi”. This form of dance presents the women with an opportunity to express their creativity and at the same time have fun as well. It is usually performed at social gatherings particularly at weddings. The costumes of belly dancers are frequently multi-colored, graceful garments, decorated with sinuous scarves and veils. Finger cymbals that are made out of brass are widespread, going back to 200 B. C. as well as striking jewelry, including convoluted belts made of coins. Other appealing trimmings used throughout the dance are swords, snakes, great vessels, and even enormous candelabras, complete with burning candles.

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