Sample Essay

Hence it keeps an eye on the customer and their needs to be fulfilled completely. The implementation plan should be like whenever they manufacture any product they should allow the customer to be free with it as in give options or in other words take their opinion as in what should be done in order to cure the problem of the customer. An example is when they designed the New Tundra, the officers personally went to talk to the driver of the truck just to ask them what were their requirements. This is the thing which is highly appreciated in the customer’s eyes and this was done more in the earlier stages when Toyota introduced themselves to the market but as their production rate has gone up, no wonder they have been taking care of the quality as well, they should perhaps keep the focus on the customer’s satisfaction before manufacturing any product.

Toyota should always keep an eye on the outside world market just to secure the future of its company and the engineers should work more hard on the quality, new designs, reliability of the product, the durability of the parts plus they should take more care of the external environment in which the care is to be driven. Hence,Toyotashould work more on solar cars as fuel and gas someday won’t be available in the market, they should implement new strategies and produce something which is more achievable and somewhat affordable to the customer. For instance, making an underwater car, car which doesn’t require fuel but water, car which can be used to ease out the pressure as in whenever the situation is out of hands, somehow it can help release person’s stress. The research and development of Toyota Motor Company is working hard on bringing something new in the market and by far they have managed to be on top just because they’ve been implementing those plans which are in their Book journals.


To conclude,Toyotashould invest more on the research and the development and should focus more on making more money because it is never enough. They should look for new opportunities and increasingly look for rapid growth and improvements. Moreover, should focus more on improving the processes whether its about cutting the cost to provide greater value by introducing all in all a new product to the market, improving efficiency and eliminating waste.

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