Sample Essay

The quote “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” is by Confucius. The quote describes the worth of true knowledge and the wisdom is not just in acquiring knowledge but also to use it in a way that is beneficial in discovering and acknowledging one’s own weaknesses. It is also about the fact that knowledge helps in identifying one’s lack of knowledge, which is still not acquired.

The initial response was that the quote might be stating that knowledge can only be acquired through education, however on critically evaluating, knowledge is a factor that can be attained through many ways like education, experience, experiment and etc. secondly it might also seem that real knowledge is only to identify the boundaries of one’s ignorance but it goes much deeper to accept and take steps to eradicate one’s lack of knowledge.

This quote is written by Confucius or “Kung Fu Tzu, (born Kong Qiu, styled Zhong Ni) was born in the village of Zou in the country of Lu in 551 B.C” (Kotelnikov). He is famous for writing quotes related to wisdom, knowledge and philosophy. He is also known as “founder of Confucianism” (eSpindle learning), his saying were compiled by his disciples and taught china, “and it was the education for China for 2,000 years”(Kotetnikov).

The quote can be divided into two for evaluation. First part being the real knowledge and second part to know the extent of one’s knowledge. The context in which this quote has been written was to use knowledge to create self – awareness. First part deals with the definition of true knowledge, how does one define real knowledge and second part to identify the limits of one’s own lack of awareness. The complete quote coming together to define a person can only be truly knowledgeable if he uses it to overcome his ignorance. This quote is deep and insightful for all human beings and can be used to make a better place.

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