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Plus we have already mentioned the Muslim scholars of previous times, whose works and books were and still are used all across Europe. If truth be told, one of the many reasons behind the success of the Muslim scholars was that they did not mix the goals of religion and science and neither did they even see any difference between the goals of education and Islam. Another deriving force behind their success was the fact that they believed that both religion and science intended to exhibit the unison of nature which in turn is a sign of the Unity of its Creator. Because of this belief, theology and rational and physical sciences made up a conjoint discipline to be taught in theological schools and mosques.

Here it is necessary to note that Islam not only stresses on the acquisition of knowledge but also stresses even more on the spread of education. According to sources, “A person without knowledge is like someone walking along a track in complete darkness. Every one of us, young or old, man or woman, should at least acquire sufficient knowledge to enable ourselves to understand the essence of the teachings of the Quran and the purpose for which it has been sent down. Knowledge is identified in Islam as worship. The acquiring of knowledge is worship, reading the Qur’an and pondering upon it is worship, traveling to gain knowledge is worship. Not only should we seek knowledge, but when we learn it, it becomes obligatory on us to practice it. Though we must remember that correct knowledge should come before correct action. Knowledge without action is useless because a learned person without action will be the worst of creatures on the Day of Resurrection. Also, action should not be based on blind imitation for this is not the quality of a thinking, sensible human being” (The Importance of Education in Islam, p.1).

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