Sample Essay


A number of times it has been seen in the business world that companies cancel their projects even after investing millions of dollars, working day and night for the completion of the project and after the project is nearly done. The reasons behind this can be many. The following passages would explain the reasons behind such actions.


The reasons behind such actions, as stated above can be many. Even though these reasons might be hard to understand or even contemplate at first, but there always is a very good rationale behind taking such decisions and making such actions. Any organization that makes such a decision is answerable to many and the reasons behind it usually are not understood by the general populace. These reasons can include withdrawal by shareholders; the fact that the product is not useful or even needed by the people, another company might come up with a product that is far better than the product at hand or that the product that is being worked on has now become somewhat obsolete.

The first reason that can be taken into consideration can be of the withdrawal of shareholders. Shareholders are the people who hold certain shares or stocks in an organization. They throw in the long-term assets for which they look forward to be rewarded in the shape of shares, a division from the revenue of the company and its dealings. The reasons why shareholders would withdraw include their fear of not being rewarded properly or if they realize something negative about the product or the outcomes of its launching in the market. Shareholders are basically owners of the business and have a right to withdraw from a project if they wish to. If the shareholders withdraw from a project, there would be no resources to keep the project going on. This would eventually lead to the cancellation of the project as a project needs to be worked on requires resources and money and there is no question of it being continued if these two elements are not there.

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