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Typical receiver types used for RWRs are Crystal Video Receivers (CVR), Super heterodyne Receivers (SHR), Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) and Channelized. Discuss the complexity of the Deinterleaving Task for each type.

Outline the Identification Task and why it may fail to produce a true and unique Radar Type identification.

The identification task in RWR selects the target on the basis of frequency/band and pulse interval. This criterion is not enough to product accurate identification as the threat register which is used for identification may contain more than one entry for a particular set of frequency/band and pulse interval (Cole).

Q3. What factors influence the design of a RWR display?

An RWR display must be visible to the operator at all times. It must be able to display threat which could be uniquely identified visually. Furthermore, the operator must also be able to get notification other than visual means (Adamy 90).

Q4. In an integrated EWSP system, how would you decide whether to dispense chaff or flares when the MAW alerts to an incoming missile. What factors influence the selection of which particular CMDS bucket should be used for a particular engagement?

If the EWSP detects a radar guided missile lock, then Chaff should be used. On the other hand if the EWSP does not detects a radar lock then flare can be used assuming the missile locks on to heat signature (Global Security)

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