Sample Essay

In evaluating the currently used recruitment and selection approaches in
United Response (UR) to establish an effective and successful alternative
route, it is noteworthy to consider the context within which recruitment and
selection takes place. This can be derived from the best fit contingency view
which argues that the effectiveness of human resource practices (resourcing
activities included) depends on how they closely fit with external and internal
influences on the organisation.
However, recent developments within the business environment and within
organisations are continuing to bring new challenges for recruitment and
selection strategies rendering the traditional approaches to be inadequate and
insufficient (Heraty and Morley, 1998; Holbeche, 2009).
Consequently, researchers and practitioners continue to monitor how external
drivers are shaping resourcing strategies in organisations. For example
(Schuler and Jackson, 1996; Lievens et al., 2001; Redman and Wilkinson,
2009) observe that external influences such as labour market changes,
technological developments, demographical social changes and government
policies and legislation are the major themes that  are significantly shaping
recruitment and  selection approaches as summarised  in figure 1 below.

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