Sample Essay

As mentioned above, a plan has always some good as well as some bad points. Good points makes the decision maker go ahead and take the decision but due to the bad points, the decision maker has to think twice and reconsider the decision by giving a thorough look and analyzing what could possibly be the best for the business. In this case, Rana Talwar who has been the head of consumer banking in Asia Pacific region is considering the idea of launching credit card system for the entire region but the idea or the plan is surrounded by positive as well as negative aspects. In order to get approval for this venture to take place and the credit card system to get official consent from the top management, all strong positive points of the credit card system and its benefits to the Citibank are to be highlighted so that a final approval for the plan is granted and the system of credit cards in Asia Pacific is launched.

First and foremost thing which must be needed to be cleared is the assurance that the region of Asia Pacific has the potential to generate high revenues for the Citibank. As every business is pretty much afraid of making an investment where there are less chances of harvesting more profits therefore it is clearly to be showed that the Asia Pacific region is full of potential and the credit card system would be a success and generate as much revenues for the Citibank as it is producing in US and other European Nations.

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