Sample Essay – Recruitment 

“The recruitment of paid and volunteer employees is essentially about attracting “right” potential candidates to the “right” job openings.” (Bowdin, Allen, O’Toole, Harris, & McDonnell)

The first thing to take into account is the financial considerations.  Based on the financial resources available, the event managers can approach the recruitment process accordingly.

One way to proceed with recruitment is to assign the task to a recruitment agency. If however this alternative is not suitable, the event manager(s) can first hire a few volunteers, probably from the among the staff of LOC. They can together pursue the rest of the recruitment process by using local councils, community groups and sponsors etc. to communicate the event’s staffing needs to their respective networks.

Recruitment needs can also be communicated to the masses through television, radio and newspapers; this option is particularly useful if one or more of them (T.V., radio or newspaper) is a media sponsor for the event.

Job descriptions and specifications should be used in the recruitment advertisements for specific areas a volunteer or paid employee is expected to perform in; particularly for areas like website development, which would require specific skills, and staff for media coordination and marketing departments.

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