Sample Essay

Donald Schon proposed his understanding to enhance the process and practices of learning (Schon, 1983). The core concept that runs behind the reflective practitioner model is the ability of the managements and professionals to go beyond their existing state to enhance the horizons or required knowledge. In organizational context this type of learning is extremely beneficial for the managers and management. This particular organizational model has much to do with the structured and unstructured decision making. Schon is of the idea that the reflective practices are a cumulative sum of organizations past experiences, culture and the adaptability to the changing environment (Schon, 1987).

The functional or dysfunctional guidance from the past experience of an organization is the determinant of its progress or failure (Bloom, 2005). The reason why the role of management has been emphasized in the reflective practitioner model is because the managers are the specialized individuals that facilitate organizations motives to accomplishment. The management is the decision making body and it is really important for the management to utilize an organization’s experience and adhere its function of productivity enrichment and optimization of managerial roles (Adler-Milstein, 2010).

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