Sample Essay

–        Compliance with Govt. Regulations & Community Expectations.

Since Pearl is operating in different cities and areas so every area has its own set of rules and community expectations butPearlintegrates into the culture and traditions of these cities thus following all legalities and meeting all community expectations has made Pearl a popular organization. It is essential to meet all legalities and community expectations in order to generate goodwill and attract good business.

Kaplan and Norton have suggested theories under the learning and growth perspective of the balanced map as well and there are three principle categories of intangible assets needed for learning & growth:

  • Strategic competencies, skills & knowledge.Pearl through its acquisitions has given its existing employees to learn and grasp the changes of the new environments in each acquired organizations thus ensuring enormous strategic competencies in the employees.
  • Strategic technologies, information system, toolbox, networks.Pearl is all about innovation and technology is the lynchpin to all operations of the company.
  • Climate for action, is required to encourage, give power to and support the workers for successful plan achievement. Pearl is doing this by bringing in more human resources, financial resources and opportunities to learn and change therefore increasing the opportunities of existing employees to grow personally, professionally and financially thus creating a climate for action.

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