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In order to gain a fuller understanding of the relationship between leadership and commitment it is useful to establish the reasons why individuals leave organisations as well as the reasons they choose to stay. Branham (2005:1) identified several management issues which influence individuals’ decisions to leave a company. Some of these are organisational/institutional factors and others are related directly to poor or ineffective management. These include: the job was not expected; a mismatch between job and individual; not enough feedback and coaching; not enough growth opportunities; feeling undervalued; stress from overwork; and loss of confidence in senior leaders. This study also intends to explore the role of leadership on employee decision to stay or leave the organisation. Seen in this way, the study intends to understand employees’ perception about the influence of leadership on future intensions or decisions to stay or leave the organisation.

This study will attempt to gain an understanding of why individuals have if any intentions of leaving the organisation, they work for. Some of these reasons will correlate strongly with ineffective leadership, whilst others will relate to more general institutional or structural arrangements. If managers and leaders can establish an understanding of the variety of reasons that an individual leaves an organisation, they can begin to make steps to encourage commitment and improve staff retention that go beyond a mere modification of their own personal behavioural or personality traits.

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