Sample Essay

Water may be absorbed by atmosphere but it returns to the land surface under the force of gravity or gravity induced pressures. Once water condenses, gravity takes over and the water is pulled to the ground. Gravity continues to function, either pulling the water underground or across the surface. Water may have nitrogen and phosphorus contents as well. So gravity isn’t just essential for water cycle.

But it indirectly helps in nitrogen cycle. The third form of nitrogen-fixing bacteria is the photosynthetic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) which are found most commonly in water. (McShaffrey) This bacterium fixes nitrogen to nitrate. Most plants take up nitrate and synthesize it to amino acids. Therefore, gravity plays an important role in both, water and nutrients cycle.

Q2- Explain why microbes are so important? List two beneficial and two harmful effects of microbes on your health and lifestyle. Write a brief description of what you think would happen to you if microbes were eliminated from the earth.

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