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The most important lesson of the book that has affected the ways of people is the fact that, “Friedman emphasizes that the best way for workers in developed countries to remain competitive and globally employable is to gain additional skills and expertise. Moving up the value chain will allow individuals and companies to attract a price premium for their talents and specialized services” (The World is Flat – II, p.1).

With the word “flat”, the basic meaning of the author is being connected. It can be supported by the fact that the cutting down of trade and political barriers and the exponential practical progressions of the digital insurrection have brought about the possibilities to do business, perhaps just about everything, immediately with billions of other people that live not only in our own country but also with the people across the world. This somehow is not new news for anyone living in the current times. But the news that has been brought around by Friedman is that the developments that had just started to being ignored by us, have made a booming appearance in our lives. The term used here by the author is “Globalization 3.0” and he believes that it is accelerated not by foremost firms or massive trade organizations like the World Bank, “but by individuals: desktop freelancers and innovative startups all over the world (but especially in India and China) who can compete–and win–not just for low-wage manufacturing and information labor but, increasingly, for the highest-end research and design work as well” (The World is Flat – Updated, p.1).

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