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Of course, one can’t ever be too sure over why Rembrandt chose to portray himself sad and unmoved in this particular master piece. However, there have been varying assumptions. One definite assumption assumes that he attempted to encapsulate his entire life in this picture. The hues of shadow and light were probably intended to highlight the successes and failures of his entire life span. While others are vehement in their belief that he was trying to show through inexplicable defeat in this portrait, the kind he won’t be too comfortable sharing and disclosing it out to the world.
A more realistic acceptable notion is the fact that he tried to reign in by showing a true picture of his life. The room has barely any lights, the outlook is cold, the outfit is worn out and old and the expressions show him pensive, apprehensive and tired. Maybe the painting was trying to depict the emotional turmoil he was in through these details without resorting to pompous and ostentatious show of clothes and bright colors. (Art-English works)
Whatever, it was that Rembrandt tried, to portray, his painting has attracted alot of eyeballs for sure.  It has been subjected to intense scrutiny for quite some time by a myriad of artists and paint critics all round the world while the exact reason behind this melancholic demonstration of emotions and exterior could never be zeroed down. Such was the impact this painting left after Rembrandt passed away and the speculations carry on.

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