Sample Essay

His coat is nothing attract or inspiring. It’s dull and undistinguished. This is a sharp contrast from Rembrandt’s previous paintings of himself. In most cases he’s paint himself in complete finesse, giving himself the standard exotic look. But in this painting, it’s pretty apparent he is wearing an old worn out coat with an equally out dated hat. The hues and colors of his painting that he has employed give the painting the sad, melancholic outlook; all shadowy and dark.
His hands remain visible and so are the other parts of his body but for his face; which may leave one wondering precisely why he chose to hide the rest of him but for his hands. Many observe that maybe he wanted the face to be the center of attraction and had he shone the light to the hands, the focus would have been drifted away from his face. More like, he intended to stress on the importance of his facial expressions, his wrinkles, and the lines than on anything else. At the first glance, it does look like he had turned over to greet someone, and from the expressions of it, he’d have been better off had that someone not intervened and interfered in his thoughts. There is one more area that is shown to capture light. It’s the lower most of the painting and slight curved. Many suggest that that curved shaped could be his painting palette too.

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