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Rene Descartes was born in 1596, he was called a new philosopher as he came up with new theories, and his philosophy is that all explanations must be proved by scientific thinking in terms of quantities defined by mathematics, and his principles are based on physics. This essay deals with the reasons he gives to doubt what our senses tell us about the material world.
Descartes says that natural world can be explained by real qualities but he insists that only common sense is not enough to understand it, every process must be explained through mathematics and physics. Our five senses create an awareness of different qualities such as smell, tastes, sounds, colors, dryness wetness or heaviness. Elementary mechanics of the particles can explain the particles of which the objects are made of, the world is made of objects and these objects are made by interactions of particles, he includes all the atmospheric events, heavenly bodies, that which is on the surface of the earth and also the processes going on in our bodies, other phenomena known to our senses are size, shape and particles motion in the matter. He devoted his life to search the truth, by understanding the nature of self and his theory of mind.

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