Sample Essay

Representation of work in an organization can be explained through many examples but keeping in context to it we take a discussion from the Henry Adam’s fiction novel called Documentary and we’ll focus on different part in his novel in which we’ll get an idea how he represented the corporate capitalism, the way he presented his work. Obviously they are related to Organizational realities as whatever happens in the play or in the stories somewhat do happen in real as well and by keeping this in mind we have focused on few points which will definitely give this research paper a true meaning to the reader.

Is it easy to transform the writings in the book to a presentation level, certainly not! It requires great skill to actually be on the stage or on the screen and play with the people and its not a single one of us who does not understand this meaning instead because the true meaning for transforming these saying into fictions would be thoroughly gone through with this imitation that are these fictionist really doing what the people want them to do or is it just that they are limiting themselves in the culture of this dynamic society.

The glorified image of the structure of an organization helps the people to be contented with whatever fields and occupations they are and in order to satisfy them the media tries innovation in delighting these people. Representation of an organization actually helps on to stand wherever he actually wants and if like how much u put in and you get the best out of what it is required by you. Films are the organizations most entertainment medium not because they are highly budgeted but infact they are clearly what goes through every man’s life on daily basis. The varying prospects of common people can be highlighted in such a way that the image is vague of what it was earlier when a common man was in the dark.

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