Sample Essay

Innovation is at heart of Ducati’s continuous success and product development. Innovation in not only product but also processes will be sought. For this purpose Research and Development expenditure is set at twenty percent of sales for year 2009. Research will be focused on product, process and service area. Sixty percent of the fund will be utilized for product innovation and development, twenty percent for process improvement and re-engineering and ten percent for improving after sales service quality and procedures.

Focus areas of product innovation include but are not limited to product design, weight, traction control system, desmodromics, and suspension system. Focus areas for process improvement include optimizing production, reducing process times to increase efficiency, reducing time to market, procurement procedures and more. Focus areas for service research include but are not limited to service store design, training levels needed and store facilities. The department will strive to enhance design to improve motor speeds by five percent over a period of three years of continuous research. Comfort and convenience of rider will be raised by ten percent in the upcoming models based on better ergonomic design.

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