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Although times have changed and so has the general mentality of the employers as well as the employees. However, the situation at the corporate level still needs to change. Women to date complain of gender discrimination at workplace particularly in the areas including “income, unemployment, and occupational distribution” (Trentham & Larwood, p.1). Statistics derived from the research studies also support these claims.

For instance, test results of some studies show that “women’s salaries average only 72-88% of men’s salaries, even after controlling for such variables as education, age, position level and job tenure” (Trentham & Larwood, p.1). Also it has been seen that men seem to dominate the executive positions at the corporate level, be it in the small firms or the large-scale organizations. This idea is further supported by another study which states that about ninety five percent of the positions of senior executives are taken up by men in all the thousands of public owned firms in the USA, thereby evidently highlighting the role of gender in workplace discrimination (Trentham & Larwood, p.1). Other research studies further make it evident that gender discrimination is a major contributor in compelling women to feel much more pressurized and disturbed at the corporate level than men.

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