Sample Essay

The research methodology of any research constitutes the most important part of any research because it not only identifies the manner in which the study shall proceed through its individual stages but also establishes the degree to which the study will go into the depth of the research. In this regard, it becomes imperative for the research methodology to ascertain primary and secondary data sources and to ensure that the selected data sources serve to supplement the nature of the research.

The research methodology is generally established after evaluating the broader research approaches that are available for the study. When the research methodology is being established, it is necessary to ensure that the selected research methodology is one that suitably supports the nature of the research. Selecting a research approach for a study that is incompatible with the research variables can lead the research findings to become severely compromised and can lead the research towards inaccurate conclusions. It can be surmised from this that the authenticity of the research methodology can translate into the authenticity of the findings upon which the research eventually concludes.

It was therefore necessary to carry out a brief but thorough analysis of the available research approaches before ascertaining the exact research methodology to follow. Judging by the sensitivity that the establishment of the research methodology holds for a research, it comes as no surprise that available research approaches have been subjected to extensive study and have been classified into two broad categories. The first is qualitative research while the second is quantitative research. “Different schools of thinking place different levels of emphasis on the very measurable and the very immeasurable. This is what has been the great debate between qualitative and quantitative approaches” (Computing Education Research Group 2009).

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