Sample Essay

The research philosophy for this research will be based on the following:  The purpose of the research is to investigate effective recruitment  approaches to examine alternative routes which have not been used in  United Response   The literature review highlighted that developing an effective recruitment  approach is influenced by a number of factors both internal and external  to the organisation. However what can be established as effective and

successful recruitment approach varies according to the context and  purpose to the organisation and the job applicant’s experiences. In view  of this, effectiveness can be understood as that rendered by statistical  measurement of numeric data such as cost of recruitment, rate of staff  turnover and time required to conduct recruitment activities (Moran,  2010).   Furthermore it can also be understood as subjected to the  interpretative filters of those deciding what will be “effective” from their  point of view.  Therefore, the philosophical position suitable for this research is that of  Realism .The aim of this research is to increase general understanding in the  development of effective recruitment approaches in a turbulent business  environment.

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