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According to the recent statistics available on DHL’s website the company has around 285,000 employees, approximately 6500 offices, more than 450 hubs, warehouses & terminals, around 420 foreign & owned airplanes, 240 gateways and 76,200 vehicles. It is operating in more than 220 countries worldwide and covers 120,000 destinations. It annual shipments amount to more than one-half billion. (cited in

DHL provides express air and ocean cargo services, logistics support, shipping tools and mail services to its customers worldwide. DHL owns four airlines that support its operations. These include European Air Transport, DHL Air UK, DHL’s Middle East Airline, and DHL’s Latin American airline. European Air Transport is based in Belgium and carries out operations for European markets and on occasion services Middle East and Africa. European Air Transport has state of the art Boeing 757SF/PF and Airbus A300B4 aircraft at its disposal. DHL Air UK is based at East Midlands air port in UK and services the European DHL market. It uses the 757SF aircraft.   DHL’s Middle East Airline is based at Bahrain International airport and uses regional aircrafts to service the middle eastern region. Whereas, DHL’s Latin American Airline is based in Panama City and services Central and South America using Boeing 727 aircraft. (cited in Apart from these DHL has also been using services of airlines such as Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and Nissho Iwai.

Customer is definitely king at DHL and DHL wants to take its quality of service standards to newer heights. It wants to differentiate itself from its competitor on the basis of customer services. It rewards its employees for going out of the way to serve customers and reinforces the concept of high quality service day in and day out. Customer service is the true operational philosophy of DHL, in terms of timeliness, in terms of profitability, in terms of handling logistics and supply chain management.

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