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Mentzer, DeWitt, Keebler, Min (et .al, 2001) state that supply chains are present whether they are properly managed or not. The advantage of supply chain systems is that they have proven to be a competitive advantage. Other fascinating phases to supply chain management are recognized by Stevens (1989) and briefed by Mentzer, DeWitt, Keebler, Min (et .al, 2001):
Phase 1 – It presents a bottom line scenario. The supply chain is the occupation of disjointed processes inside a particular organization which is considered by stock levels, self-sufficient and mismatched control techniques, and functional isolation.
Phase 2 – This phases emphasizes on internal incorporation that is regarded by the importance on cost cutbacks instead of enhancement in performance, cushion for inventory, original evaluation of inside trade-offs, and instinctive customer support.
Phase 3 – goes on the road to domestic corporate incorporation and branded by the completely evident buying with the help of distribution, medium-level planning, calculated, instead of planned focus, giving importance to competence, extensive support for the utilization of electronic assistance for connection, and running instinctive customer support.
Phase 4 – the phase where incorporation of suppliers and customers with the organization is fully achieved with the help of supply chain integration (P.9-10).
In the beginning, only base-level cloud based provisions like acquiring the brute power or the increased capability for storage over the internet (for e.g. infrastructure-as-a-service), and making use of web-based development platforms (for e.g. platform-as-a-service) will attract the most in strategic circumstances. The use of cloud delivery standard will be eagerly accepted for identical programs like finance and human resources which do not provide any competitive advantage to the organization (Jennings 1).
Previously, like in the case of ERP systems where they were not fully implemented in all areas of the business, it is probable that cloud computing will go the same way to replace current systems. Companies are going to aptly produce a fusion of public and private cloud applications where necessary (Jennings 1).

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