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With the arrival of the Internet, the perfectionists are a very powerful consumer that demands something, wherever, at any moment.  The loyalties of the client change and they value is no longer the only criteria to attract to clients.  The clients desire the more out of the purchases experiences – attention personalized, promotions personalized and publicity personalized.

Its commerce retail needs to be differentiated of upper competitors providing customer service that includes management of its chain of supply as well as distribution.

 The objective to add the Practice of the Industry of theSaleretail of value commerce retail Soltius is recognized as a sale retail and supply chain management leader and supplier of innovative solutions for theSaleretail and the Chain of supply by its series of solutions.  The accounts receivable of Soltius of solutions and services can add value to its business by analysis Improved of information of business in function to mark tendencies and season Improved demand that foretells inventory Improved & filled that plans costs Reduced of merchandise To Be Diminished actions distribution Improved that they plan &

allocation contribution Improved with suppliers, the manufacturers and the clients.

Our Solutions and they Attend to for their Industry

 The solutions of the Practice of the Industry of theSaleretail of Soltius and services are designed to direct the complete needs of each type of Superstores of handle of Perfectionist, Supermarkets, the Department, the Convenience or of business formats Specialty type.  These they include:-

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