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Retailing industry has been on the boom since a lot many manufacturers have entered into the market which has resulted in numerous products being introduced into the market & sold out under various brand names (McGregor, 2008). Brands like Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and many more have been coming out rapidly with their product line giving variety of options to the customers to choose from.

Although it is a fact that Brand name is the main reason why customers prefer to purchase the branded products but one reason that has not been analyzed closely is that Retail outlet’s environment is one potential reason why customers prefer purchasing products from the outlet. Hence, it is a valid area to research on ‘what impact does the retail environment have on the human buying behavior’. The research will not only make the retailers realize the fact that the retail environment plays a key role in customers making buying decision but will also let the retailer think about the ways through which they can change the environment of their outlet into more attractive and catchy where customers prefer to come and shop. For instance, while shopping at Nike outlet, the environment is perfect with the posters around the outlet of the top sportsmen wearing Nike products such as Roger Federer, Tiger Woods etc.

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