Sample Essay

We understand that at times a product should be returned and we will facilitate this as better we are able.  Rules and the following exceptions with regard to returns.

* Candles of Un-Burned can be returns in a case by base of case.  The buyer is responsible for ALL return shipment loads.  The articles returned should be in “as new” condition of sellable.

  * All holidays articles sales are ends and they cannot be returned.

* Shipments that are denied for buyer for any reason will be loaded a 10% of fee that restocks.  Besides, any and all costs of shipment contracted in the transaction will be loaded to the buyer.

* Note please, shipments of floor of UPS are not guaranteed for Sky of Monarch neither UPS to reach him inside any agenda.  None reimbursements will be caused shipments of floor that do not reach the buyer inside an agenda given for any reason.

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