Sample Essay

ProQuest is another well-known research database, which contains significant amount of publications on a large number of topics. A search on ProQuest for a particular company shows that database search uses keyword to find relevant publications in the database. However, ProQuest also suggests various search strings in the result of the search as well, which allows a researcher to quickly narrow down the search to his or her interest. ProQuest also searches a wide range of sources than Business and Company Resource Centre Database and include scholarly journals, dissertations as well as trade publications in its search. However, the results of ProQuest had a much wider scope then Business and Company Resource Centre making it cumbersome for a researcher to look for the needed piece of information. This database is more suited to a researcher who is searching for a topic or subject in multiple contexts rather than a specific one.

LexisNexis Academic is another database used in academic research. On searching the database for a company, the results shown were much more precise then ProQuest while search was done a range of resources much wider than Business and Company Resource Centre Database. The results were also classified in different categories which were display in separate pane rather than in a different tab, this made the switching between different categories much easier than ProQuest.  The option of searching within results and sorting the articles on various criteria is also a very helpful feature in allow a researcher to quickly locate the desired publication. However, LexisNexis did not contain abstract of the publications in the search, as in the case of ProQuest, thus forcing the reader to go through a significant amount of publication in order to determine if it contains the required information or not.

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